Disruptive childhood

Childhood is the most significant stage of an individual’s life. Childhood experiences and memories are what that shape most of our personality. As a psychology student, I have noticed something that most people who are suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety and depression are somehow linked with their childhood. Parenting plays a vital role in the development of the personality. During childhood period, the child needs most attention and care of the parents. In our society parents express their love through materialistic things instead of emotional care. This is what the root cause of the psychological issues. The child never truly learns what love is and because of that most people don’t know how to love themselves. The best way to prevent your child from suffering later in life is to start showing them love and affection, show them you care about them. Love them unconditionally and always support their dreams. Be there for them as their friend. In the end, I would like to request all the readers to please start spending your time with your children and ask them if they are going through something. Tell your child that you love them and you support their dreams. Don’t be afraid of expressing your love to your child.

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