Disrespectful acts

In the last two to three days, there has been an introduction of rowdy culture in Pakistan’s politics. With an increased frustration in the society, people have come up with new ways of letting their frustration and anger out. The point is towards the recent events of ink throwing and shoes hurling at the leaders of PML-N.
All the top leadership of political parties throughout Pakistan has rightly and appreciably condemned both the events in no ambiguous terms which, I think, is a very very good sign and they have rightly called for fostering ethical values among the masses. Whatever the actual reason is behind these acts, I suggest that the culprits, especially the one who has thrown shoe on PML-Quaid, Nawaz Sharif, be dealt with a stern hand and should be made an example in a bid to avoiding recurrence of such acts in future. However, it is also high time for politicians to think that where they have made wrong.

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