Disrespect to national flag

Every year, Independence Day is celebrated with ecstasy and enthusiasm . On this auspicious Day we see a different air passed all over the country. We see people automatically getting charged with the spirit of patriotism. They buy different things for the Day and we see houses beautifully decorated. But on the very next day we see that the paper flag which people bought to decorate their houses, hanging loosely or abandoned on the roadside on which some people step on and some are even thrown in dustbin. This is disrespect towards our national flag. The same flag, which is brought down by sunset so that no speck of darkness make way towards our flag and is always brought up by the sunrise so that it always shines bright in light , is dishonoured when some people buy those small paper flags for decoration and discard them the very next day as a flimsy piece of paper.
In many countries people celebrate their Independence Day by just wearing their flags coloured clothes or they light up their houses. And instead buying these paper flags we can put our money for a better purpose like helping someone or buying dustbins to put on the sides of road so that Pakistan would be clean rather than go and buy paper flag which would only result as a damaged paper thrown in dustbin. I request our government to take a serious action against this problem. Government should ban all these paper flags, there are other ways to decorate our houses on 14th August e.g. balloons, lights etc.
People of Pakistan should know that our national flag is not a piace of decoration which should be hanged, but it is part of our identity, it represents Pakistan. Dishonouring of flag should be punishable so no one would dare disrespect our flag. In this “NAYA PAKISTAN” I hope to find to change not only in our country but also in people and I hope that people of Pakistan realize this because just by trying a chain of change can be started by one person.

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