Disrespect of prophets not to be tolerated at any cost: PUC

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Pakistan United Council (PUC) and an organization “Dialogue” on Wednesday vehemently condemned the blasphemous caricatures competition and demanded the international community and the government of Holland to immediately stop the competition.
PUC Chairman Dr Abdul Ghafoor Rashid, Dialogue Chairman Abdul Qadeer Khamoosh and scholars from different schools of thought raised this demand while addressing the all parties conference held under PUC and Dialogue at Lahore Press Club here.
The speakers said, “This heinous action is a violation of charters of United Nations, International Organization for Human Rights, Commonwealth and European Union”.
The conference made it clear that no Muslim can tolerate disrespect of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
The conference also appreciated the resolutions passed by the Senate and Punjab Assembly against the blasphemous caricatures but demanded that a joint session of parliament should be convened besides the special sessions of all provincial assemblies to carry out debate on Namoos-e-Risalat (SAWW) and international conspiracies against it.
Speakers also urged the government to expel the Holland ambassador from the country.
It also demanded that Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) session should immediately be convened and United Nations and International Court of Justice should be approached unanimously.
A joint communique was also issued against the blasphemous caricatures.
All Muslim countries including Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey must discontinue the diplomatic and trade ties with Holland.
Pandit Bhagat Lal, Father James Channan also strongly condemned the blasphemous caricatures competition.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MPA Malik Nadeem Abbas also strongly condemned the matter regarding blasphemous caricatures and said that voice against such evil actions would be raised at all forums.
PML-N MNA Waheed Alam and others were participated in the conference.

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