Dismal performance

Iftikhar Mirza

It is commonly stated by cricket gurus that Pakistan cricket team is one of the most unpredictable teams of the world. Our heroes score zeros with such fervour as that audience become dumb. Winning and losing is part of the game but losing without fighting or without putting in 100% effort is not forgivable. Our cricket history is replete with such shabby performances whereas other teams do not play such cricket so often.
Even minnows have more stay and resistance in their batting line. Our team lost 2nd Test against the West Indies at Bridgetown and made a mockery of herself. All were ridiculing our batting performance. Instead of showing any regret or accepting responsibility, big wigs plunged into useless debate and opened Pandora’s Box. This is how our management works. It is hoped that team will gird up her loins and come out of series with flying colours.

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