Dismal conditions of education

Education is a powerful weapon through which we can unwind our country from internal as well as external pressure. Unfortunately, education has not been preferred by successive governments. It is eye-opening news that 22.6m children are out of school, according to Pakistan Education Statistics. Pakistan is lagging behind in education in South Asia. According to a UESCO Report, literacy rate in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka is 56.4pc, 61.5pc, 72.1pc , 92.6pc respectively. Pakistan’s education budget is 2.83pc of total budget. Only four universities have placed its positions in world 1000 university ranking.
This army of illiterate and unemployed people emerge poverty, deteriorated law and order situation and can be lured by extremist thought. Pakistan has a resource-based economy but due to lack of knowledge-based economy, it is not used properly. The Government has to improve literacy rate by using its will. Primary education must be prioritized. Syllabus should be revised. The Government ensure highest enrollment rate in schools. Harmful politicisation and radicalisation should be eliminated by high-handedness. The 10 pc of total budget should be allocated and similarly utilization should be done transparently.
Khairpur, Sindh

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