Discard politics on economy

FINANCE Minister Ishaq Dar has once again called for keeping economy away from politics for the sake of sustainable growth and prosperity. Speaking at National Defence University on Tuesday, he said that the government is committed to building on the momentum gained during the last three years and pursuing the economic reform agenda with the same vigour.
One must acknowledge that the present Government, despite numerous obstacles, has been able to steer the economy of the country ahead and this is also being appreciated by bilateral and multilateral donors. Apart from political tension, the security environment also remained precarious as the Government went for an all-out operation against terrorists and extremists requiring huge allocation of resources. However, despite all this, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar and his team succeeded not only in putting the economy back on track but also achieving singular successes in some fields. Most of the problems of Pakistan can be taken care of if there is consensus on economic reforms, policies and continuity is not hindered by political developments and changes. We have seen in the past that some of the most beneficial policies and actions initiated by one Government were discarded by the next Government only because of personal malice and narrow-mindedness. A case in point is increased allocations for higher education and plans for establishment of nine world class universities in collaboration with some friendly countries initiated by Musharraf Government, which was dropped by PPP Government. Therefore, there are reasons to support the oft-repeated proposal of the Finance Minister to have Charter of Economy. Mr. Dar has the capability to translate his vision into reality if he goes beyond verbal pronouncements and takes up the matter with opposition parties with due seriousness.

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