Diplomacy works

SWISS government has reportedly slapped ‘entry ban’ on exiled Baloch leader Mehran Marri for ten years. According to media reports, the ban was placed on request of Pakistani government which handed over a dossier to the government of Switzerland alleging that Mehran Marri – who is widely known as Mehran Baloch – has links with militant groups in Balochistan.
Anti-Pakistan propaganda is assuming new dimensions in some of the Western countries and besides Switzerland, attempts have been made in the United Kingdom as well to defame the country through bus and cab advertising campaigns. It is for the first time in many years that Pakistan has responded aggressively to the campaign through diplomatic means and the effort is paying back. The ban of Swiss government is timely as along with Brahamdagh Buti, Mehran was set to hold a so-called conference on Balochistan, the objectives of which are known to all. It is quite obvious that these disgruntled elements have full support of India in their endeavours to present Pakistan in negative light in some of the foreign countries. It is, however, satisfying that after Pakistan Foreign Office intervened and both British and Swiss authorities took necessary actions to address legitimate complaints of Pakistan. It is not difficult to counter such elements and propaganda if our Missions abroad remain alert and proactive to safeguard interests of the country. We hope that they would also work proactively to counter Indian propaganda against Pakistan as, so far, we have not been able to present our case in right perspective mainly because of lethargy and lack of accountability/proper monitoring.

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