Diluting a good tiding for Balochistan


Muhammad Usman

THE Province of Balochistan is still backward because during last 70 years, no meaningful and substantive effort has been made to break its bondage. The apathy and neglect of our self-seeking and inured leadership have provided our enemies easy opportunities to unleash their slings and arrows against Pakistan. Their prime objective is to weaken national integration by accentuating their sense of deprivation. In last 45 years of our constitution, it is first time that Senate Chairmanship has gone to Balochistan; a rare good tiding. This has sent a wave of delight, satisfaction and relief across Balochistan however, our ruling elite morphed in self perpetuation as ever failed to see beyond their nose.
Despite a request from newly elected Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani that today is not the occasion, Hasil Bazenjo could not desist and spit all gall and venom which he had in stomach. On next day, it was Nawaz Sharif who did the ugly act even more bizarrely “these people who claim to be champions of principled politics became puppets in their unholy nexus against democracy? Bilwal House and Banigala both bowed down to same shrine of power. Who is he (new Senate Chairman)? He is a toy of key”. It is indeed rubbing salt on wounds of people of Balochistan which require frequent ointment to heal. Notwithstanding even a foul play, a leader shows restrain, grace and magnanimity if an event is ultimately in larger good of the country. In case of Nawaz Sharif, probably it is much greater ask, incommensurate to his actual stature. He was a minion who subsequently fell in lunacy of a synthetic maestro and of late, a butterfly ideologist even to likes of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and Mehmood Achackzai in a desperate attempt to save his skin legally and make his improbable comeback politically. He is also a man of short sight because of which generally he fails to see things in right perspective. Instant Senate elections is also a similar case.
Admittedly, before Senate elections, dissidents from within parliamentary party of PML (N) in Balochistan sent government of Sanaullah Zehri packing in no time. Its central leadership proved no more than a mere spectator but as an enduring instrument, spared no moment scapegoating establishment to pass the buck; on its instigation and support, it was Zardari who choreographed overthrow of his government. It sounds absurd because no one with sound mind could place his capital on Zardari. He has caused irreversible rout to party in Punjab and KP. For tactical gains, he could play games but strategically he is completely hand in gloves with ruling elite who are on run in midst of winds of change. There is no plausible reasons to disbelieve that he tricked MPs in Balochistan at his own to enhance prospects of his party in Senate elections and for other partisan considerations. No follow up evidence also surfaced to subscribe to the contrary.
Sadly, Senate elections 2018, turned out to be tainted elections in its history from nomination of candidates to polling of votes. The horse trading/political machinations surpassed previous range and level. Under secret ballot, vote to his choice candidate is perfectly fine provided motivation rests on constructive good however, this was starkly absent. Consequently, a bullish session of sale and purchase was the only expectation on eve of elections of Senate Chairman to outbid each other. Zardari was arrogantly confident to bag slot of Chairmanship to cement his phony reputation of Zardari Sub Pay Bhari . A win was also expected to accrue political mileage in General Elections. PML (N) was also equally confident to capture the slot comfortably. Independents from Balochistan had no extravagant plans. Probably they would have felt content in league with any of them for slot of Deputy Chairmanship albeit they had more intimate contact with Zardari.
Nothing was going unusual than expected before Imran Khan jumped into arena with a bang. His call to Baloch Independents was simple, straight and unambiguous. Have all my 13 votes but only for a Baloch on Chair of Senate Chairman. Initially amateur CM of Balochistan was little shaky but after second meeting with Imran Khan, he instantly grew in confidence and stature. Thereafter, he did not wavered. Resultantly, high flying Zardari had to cave in. He got Deputy Chairmanship only and Balochistan emerged victorious on two accounts. One, a leader in shape of Abdul Quddus Bizenjo. Two, Sadiq Sanjrani in robe of Senate Chairman. For Zardari, it was no in good taste. It was bitter. He would like to forget it as early he could.
For Imran Khan, it was a spectacular move to cherish or at worst, a compromise for principle, not a compromise on principle which also speaks volume about his quality leadership. It was no collusion. It was a knockout battle in which Imran Khan got all what he wanted; Senate Chairman from Balochistan, not from PML (N)/PPP. Besides, it is a simple mathematics; take out 13 votes of PTI, PML (N) would have won both slots. This is of a worst case scenario otherwise margin would have been much larger. There is no point of bickering. PML (N) to let people of Balochistan rejoice their delight.

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