Dilruwan Perera was ‘unsure’ about the pending review

Bipin Dani

Observer Correspondent


Sri lanka Cricket (board) has said that there was no “signal” from the dressing room for Diluruwan Perera to take a review when he was declared out (LBW, bowler Mohammad Shami) by the on field umpire Nigel Llong.
“”We wish to clarify the ambiguity surrounding the DRS appeal of Dilruwan Perera during the 3rd day”s play of the 1st Test in Kolkotta earlier this afternoon.
Contrary to the assumptions made, there was no “message from the dressing room” involved in the requested review”, an official an official from Colombo said to this paper.
“Having mistakenly assumed that Sri Lanka were out of reviews, Dilruwan Perera had turned to leave the field when he heard Rangana Herath inquire from the on-field umpire Nigel Long if Sri Lanka have any reviews left, to which Mr. Long answered in the affirmative”.
“It was then that Dilruwan requested the review”.
Section 3.2.3 of the Test Match Playing Conditions no team can seek help from dressing room.
According to this, it’s not just the batsmen but even the fielding team can’t take help from team members or staff in the dressing room.
“The captain may consult with the bowler and other fielders, and the two batsmen may consult with each other prior to deciding whether to request a Player Review. Under no circumstances is any player permitted to query an umpire about any aspect of a decision before deciding on whether or not to request a Player Review. If the on-field umpires believe that the captain or either batsman has received direct or indirect input emanating other than from the players on the field, then they may at their discretion decline the request for a Player Review. In particular, signals from the dressing room must not be given”.
“We wish to place on record that every single Sri Lankan player and official is not only strongly respectful and bounden to uphold the rules and regulations of the ICC, but plays their game of cricket under the ethics and principles of true sportsmanship and the Spirit of Cricket”, the official added further.
Sri Lankan team had received the ICC’s Sportsman Spirit of the Game award in the past.

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