Dilemma of our time

Madad Ali Sabri

It is a matter of grave misfortune and shame that today we have totally neglected nice people around us while we stay connected to strangers through the Internet. Such an attitude poses a great threat to human life; it does not only weaken our bonds, but also isolates us in this villagized world. Surprisingly, we keep in touch with the people whom we hardly know, who are far away, but pay no attention to those close to us. Undoubtedly, amazing scientific inventions like Facebook, WhatsApp, Smartphone etc have brought about a drastic change in our life and facilitated us to a great extent; but consuming of too much time on Social Media has negatively affected our life as well. We have built taller buildings and wider freeways, but still have shorter tamper and narrower viewpoints. We earn more, buy more, spend more, but enjoy very less. We have more degrees, more knowledge, more doctors, but less judgment and less wellness. We have fancier houses, fast food, quick trips but no morality, no character, and shallow relationship. This is a bitter truth of our times. The need of the hour is to cherish every moment of our precious life. There is strong need to be more realistic and social. It is our fundamental duty to spend maximum time with the people who matter in our life i.e. parents, friends, colleagues, relatives —people who really care and think about us.

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