A dilemma of dual citizenship

Like Pakistan, the issue of dual citizenship has become massive debatable in Australia. Barnaby Joyce, Australian Deputy Prime Minister, is reported to have been caught in the dual citizenship crisis because the Constitution of Australia bars dual citizenship holders to sit in Parliament. Barnaby Joyce’s political future hangs in the balance after he revealed that he holds dual citizenship with New Zealand. So far, three or four Senators who were keeping dual citizenship have resigned from their membership.
This is how the leadership of the civilized and democratic nations behave and act. They never hide the truth. They never do any type of fraud to keep their seats intact in Parliament. They simply resign and go back home but in our country these dual citizenship holders, be they politicians, bureaucrats or technocrats, use all ways and means to conceal the truth and invent packs of lies to be in authority. They have their own personal agendas, but not human or national agenda. What’s on their agenda? Simply, it is to rob and ruin the resources of this state of the Quaid, impoverish its people and create chaos in the society.

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