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Dignity of human being

THE Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has declared handcuffing of accused by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is not only against the law of the country but also against the Islamic Shariah. The CII also declared that defamation of accused in media before proven guilty is also against the Islamic teachings and human dignity.
It is appreciable that at long last some institution has taken serious notice of the defamation of the accused, which has been a routine practice despite warnings issued on several occasions by the Supreme Court as well. The Council has done well by constituting a Committee to examine the NAB Ordinance in the light of the Islamic laws and review those that are against Islamic laws. This was, in fact, responsibility and duty of Parliament to rectify the legal wrong but the legislators have failed to take remedial measures to protect dignity of human being because of internal wrangling. No one would object to investigations by NAB in cases involving corruption as the institution was established with this every mandate. It is also entitled to file references but all this should be done with complete integrity and honesty of purpose and there should be no element of witch-hunting or impression of lop-sided accountability. So far, there are numerous instances that suggest that NAB is more interested in publicizing cases than carrying out serious and credible investigations. In many cases, the cases initiated by NAB proved to be mere allegations but reputation of the citizens concerned was seriously jeopardized. It is regrettable that even senior and respectable academicians were detained, handcuffed and humiliated by NAB, sparking serious reaction from the civil society and opinion-makers. The Chairman NAB reportedly directed his officers not to indulge in such practices but the practice continues, which constitutes violation of fundamental rights of the citizens. It is hoped that the CII would take the matter to the logical conclusion by carrying out review of NAB law on fast track and Parliament would act upon its recommendations without any delay.