Digital revolution pushing postal service out of business


Deputy Director General (Admin), Pakistan Post Office Department (PPOD) Zubair Alam said on Sunday that Pakistan Post was facing decline in business due to a digital revolution which was changing the world of commerce and communication.
Talking to APP, he said that electronic substitution of traditional mail was under way, as both consumers and businesses had adopted electronic processes across multiple domains. They are attracted to greater convenience, faster service, and lower cost, he added.
He said that the digital economy was continuing to grow at a rapid pace.
To a question, Zubair Alam said that mail users were shifting from traditional hard copy distribution models to a variety of new ways to communicate, advertise or transact digitally.
“The digital revolution has become a disruptive innovation for the traditional business of the Pakistan Postal Service,” he added.
Replying to a query, he said that with several different communication channels competing for consumers, the Pakistan Postal Service needed to modernize its role to accommodate with the digital age.
Another senior official of PPOD told APP that the department was experiencing extreme decline due to its inability to compete with private postal and courier services.
The Pakistan Post Office Department should introduce new products and services that reflect the evolving mandate to bind the nation together in a new world where people are increasingly communicating digitally, he added.
According to a document of ‘Accenture International’, a nearly 50-billion piece decline in global mail volume occurred over the past three years, increasing employees’ pension costs and intensifying competition from private, commercial postal operators. The world’s postal agencies are fighting back by diversifying services and employing modern technology.—APP

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