Different perspectives

Syed Najaf Raza

Shermeen Obaid Chinoy is not showing a false image of Pakistan. In fact this is reality and we all have to accept. It depends on the people as to what and how they think and perceive things and what is their own opinion on different topics. I would request everyone to see the hard reality behind these honour killings and domestic violence. I believe that a housewife, son, daughter or husband are not safe, no matter how much we disagree with this, but this is reality.
If Shermeen Obaid Chinoy won Oscar award, it doesn’t mean that she’s showing a false image of Pakistan by making such documentaries. In fact, we have to agree that both of the documentaries she made are based on reality and if such situations might not have occurred, then there would have been no reason for making such documentaries. First look around the world we live in and what do we see in our county, and if someone is highlighting these issues, we should appreciate, so that, at least our Government should take notice on that and take appropriate measures to check such trends.

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