Differences crop up between Afghan govt leaders

Kabul—Differences have cropped up between the Afghan government leaders including two Deputies of President Ashraf who have been accusing each other over ethnic favouritism warning that the country was being pushed towards destruction.
According to details, Second Vice President Sarwar Danish has defended President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s personality and said he did not believe on ethnicity and racism.
Danish expressed the view in a statement which was posted on social media.
His remarks on President Ghani’s personality came at a time when 1st VP Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum had earlier alleged the two leaders of unity government (Ghani & Abdullah Abdullah ) over ethnic favoritism and warned the two leaders were pushing the country towards destruction.
Dostum alleged he was being ignored by the government and was not allowed to enjoy his constitutional authority and rights.
Sarwar Danish said: “ethnic rivalry was something dangerous from current challenges of insecurity.
Conflict in the country and unfortunately efforts were being made to divide the country on ethnic lines and confused the public minds.
Dividing the nation on ethnic lines will have dangerous consequences and was hurdle in the way of development and democracy in the country.”
Danish expressed his disappointment over controversial remarks by political leaders and termed them against the constitution and harmful for the country and system.
He said political leaders who issued such remarks should feel sham in front of the people as these remarks only benefited the enemy of Afghanistan and left negative impact over the moral of armed forces.—INP

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