Diabetes specialists urge Pakistanis to ‘Eat less, Walk more’

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Speaking at Sanofi’s Diabetes Conference, the panel of medical experts led by Secretary General of the Diabetic Association of Pakistan and Honorary President International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Prof. A. Samad Shera, stressed the need for healthier lifestyle and regular screening for diabetes, particularly for those at high risk. World’s leading diabetes experts have urged Pakistanis to follow the IDF slogan ‘Eat less, walk more’.
Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate in Pakistan. According to the IDF Diabetes Atlas (8th edition – 2017) there are currently more than 7.5 million people with diabetes in Pakistan. “It is far better to get diagnosed and managed early rather than allow complications to set in before seeking medical advice. A Combined efforts of six Ps: Policy makers; People with diabetes; Paramedics; Physicians; Press and Partnerships are essential to control the increasing burden of diabetes”, Prof Shera added.
Sanofi and the Diabetic Association of Pakistan (DAP) collaborated to bring renowned international diabetes experts from globally recognized centres of academic excellence to address the 5th International Diabetes Conference. Professor Nam Han Cho- President, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) termed medical education as the most important weapon to fight diabetes.
Professor Massimo Massi Benedetti- Senior Program Advisor, International Diabetes Federation (IDF) said, “Today, plenty of gold medalists at the Olympics have diabetes. Fear of hypoglycemia is impacting behavior that has negative consequences on the onset of complications. Insulin therapy should be initiated quite soon when control is not achieved through oral agents. Doctors should focus on personalized needs of the patient when considering insulin therapy.”
“Building upon its century long history in the field of Diabetes, Sanofi is committed to improving diabetes management not only through its integrated offering of medicines but also through interactive, medical educational events, scientific workshops and conferences, such as this one”, said Asim Jamal, General Manager and Managing Director of Sanofi Pakistan.

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