Diabetes checks out from Pakistan’s leading luxury hotels

City Reporter

To promote health awareness under their corporate social responsibility program, Hashoo Group, owners of Pakistan’s leading luxury hotel brands Pearl Continental and Marriott Hotels, organized health screenings for thousands of employees during Diabetes Awareness Week in November. More than two thousand employees at all nine hotels met with the hotel doctors for on the spot blood glucose checks.
The week-long campaign educated staff members how to fight diabetes, a medical condition that is alarmingly on the rise in the country. Health officials attribute this surge to less active lifestyles, poor nutrition practices, and in many cases genetic predisposition. Employees were also educated and counseled on its symptoms and ways to adapt and manage their health if the disorder were to appear.
Diabetes is known as a silent killer because when left undetected or not properly managed, it can be lethal. However, diabetes is quickly diagnosed with a simple blood sugar test, and diabetics can lead long and healthy lives by committing to regular treatment and healthy lifestyles.
“Pearl Continental and Marriott Hotels are located in nine different cities and employ people from different regions across Pakistan. We aim to educate our team members to bring awareness of important health issues, and then they can help to transfer that knowledge to their families and communities.

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