Diabetes can be prevented, treated

Vinod C Dixit
Ahmedabad, India

Diabetes has now become a major public health concern especially in this part of the world because of several reasons. Diabetes isn’t known as a silent killer just for kicks. The growing number of people falling prey to this metabolic disease has raised quite an alarm worldwide. Diabetes isn’t deadly; it just needs regular monitoring and medication and disciplined living. Diabetes is not a disease but a metabolic disorder. Lifestyle correction is a must, but one cannot stop insulin intake. Not taking insulin leads to formation of ulcers, infections and high sugar levels. Unhealthy diet is one major cause of the disorder.
People focus on reducing the quantity of food but are unaware of the caloric value of food items they consume. We need to work collaboratively with governments, civil society, private sector, schools, workplaces, media and other local partners. We all have a role to play to ensure healthier environment for a healthy living. Walking is perhaps the simplest and the most effective way to maintain one’s health, and for diabetics to manage the chronic disease as it doesn’t require any training or special equipment, which means it can be done without a break. Living with diabetes may not be easy but it isn’t impossible either. A few lifestyle and dietary changes is all it takes to keep the disease in control.

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