Dhoni and cultivating leadership..!

WHAT Dhoni has done is unlike what most leaders do. He announced he was giving up his role as a captain and would help mentoring the new captain of the Indian cricket team!
He knew he was getting old, that his famous helicopter shots, his ability to win games single handedly, and his cool captainship was getting hit by his advancing years, but instead of trying to prove that he was still the best, he decided to groom his successor! Grooming a successor is very important in the development of leadership. But like I said at the beginning, very rarely done. I have seen excellent organizations and businesses dying a quick death after a founder chairman has died. “Why didn’t your chairman groom a successor before he died?” I once asked a director of a leading company.
“Because, he wanted to show the world how good he was!” he replied sadly, “He wanted to show that nobody would be able to replace him or replicate his leadership!”
Leaders are often scared that if they teach a new person their methods and ways, the successor will do better than they did, and everybody will then forget them. In other words, most leaders do not groom a successor because they are insecure about themselves. “What if he does better than me?” is their fear.
They retire reluctantly and wait for news that the business is doing badly. They wait to hear people say that in their days, the company was so different. They don’t realize that if the present leadership is doing badly, the blame is entirely theirs! They should have developed the next line of leaders.
The second part of developing a leader, is to stay silent afterwards when the new leader makes mistakes. Let him or her make mistakes, because it is through mistakes they learn. If the new leader comes to the old leader for advice let him give the advice, otherwise refrain from making comments, and above all else, refrain from trying to come back and take up leadership again. The youth have to learn, and the only way to learn swimming is by knowing what it is to drown a bit. The only way to walk is by having fallen when we were small.
The good leader teaches, then decides not to interfere and takes pride as the person he has groomed starts doing well, and even better than himself, knowing with quiet satisfaction, it was because of his teaching that the new person is strong. Watch teachers in school, so proud when an ex-student does well in life. That is how Dhoni will feel as the next captain he trains brings glory to India! Learn to build leaders, then learn to move into the background..!
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