DHA puzzled in charrying out SC orders regarding security personnel

Staff Reporter

The Defence Housing Authority is puzzled what to do and how to save itself from executing the Supreme Court order to clear its roads and streets from private security men, guarding almost one of every three houses in the vast locality.
The problem on investigation appeared complex. DHA has tried its best to clear the area of unnecessary barricades, and tents, erected for police or private armed guard by residents, most of them VIPs, ministers, or those wielding tremendous authority because of their position in government or business influence.
DHA has been maintaining highly efficient management which was evident to this scribe who himself lives in DHA for nearly two decades. Its garbage vehicles pickes garbage bags from in front of the houses every morning, maintains cleanliness, and tries to supply water to residents to the maximum level it can.
But some residents felt that removing barriers, or tents used for private armed guards was actually the responsibility of police and Sindh Government , which instead of remaining within the confines of law, was involved in naked violation of rules.
Every one who wields some authority has police guards living in tents outside his or her houses. DHA had tried to remove barriers, and in fact did it to great annoyance of people like ministers, chief ministers, party leaders.

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