Development agenda of Nawaz to be followed: Shahbaz


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Punjab Chief Minister, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Wednesday said that development agenda of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif would be taken forward with full vigour. In a statement issued here, he said that agitation and negative politics were lethal poisons for durable development in the country.
He said that the politics of confrontation and agitation had always damaged the national economy and created hurdles in projects of public welfare and development.
He said that chaos and differences ruined nations and societies, adding that defeated political elements were engaged in politics of anarchy and making all-out attempts to weaken the country.
“The politicians using abusive language based on lies, allegations and names-calling should first peep into their inner-self as the elements who have plundered the national resources, got their loans written off and looted the funds of development projects, are colluding with them,” he added.
He said that ordinary people could not be deceived by presenting before them the elements who were corrupt to the core.
The chief minister said that the opponents were afraid of popularity and development agenda of Pakistan Muslim League-N as dwindling energy crisis had made them panic-stricken.
“People were with the PML-N in the past. “They are with us today and shall continue to side with the PML-N in future as well,” he added.
He said that the elements indulging in allegations would face the consequences of their negative politics and the nation would never forgive such elements.
The CM said that the opponents were opposing the development agenda as they had become blind in their lust for power, and added that these were the same elements who were responsible for delaying historic China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.
He said that the elements that were afraid of development of Pakistan would face a historic defeat in the elections of 2018.
He said that Muhammad Nawaz Sharif ensured peace in the country and the credit of strengthening of economy went to the solid policies of Nawaz.
He said: “Nawaz Sharif rules the hearts of the people of Pakistan and no one can dare take him away from masses.”
“Poverty and unemployment have been decreased due to solid economic policies of the PML-N and people salute Nawaz Sharif for his services for making the country economically viable and strong,” he said, adding that Nawaz Sharif could not be wiped out from the hearts of the people.
The chief minister said that during the last four years, quite a number of mega projects of public welfare and prosperity had been completed under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
He said the opponents inflicted huge losses on the national economy and the democratic stability just for the sake of power.
“On the other hand, the PML-N has always given priority to national development and public welfare as common man is the centre of the PML-N policies and public welfare is very dear to us,” he added.
Shahbaz said the PML-N’s government has always shown performance and due to this immaculate performance, the party is most popular in the country.
“On the other hand, anarchists intend to block the development process and CPEC is making the opponents upset,” he added.
“Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has done the politics of public service, has changed the destiny of the nation and never compromised on his principles in the politics,” he said.

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