Designer dilemmas

Batool Dad

The lawn season – actually it is hardly a season any more, it is more like an all year round thing, starts sometime in January, ends mid December, so basically the lawn season is always upon us and so are the billboards, the exhibitions, the replicas and the crazy sales of course. The problem however is not confined to the designers who are designing and selling their fabric with bizarre prints, though they largely remain part of the problem – but no, the main problem is our society and it’s undying, absurd and absolutely ridiculous standards of fashion and perfection. I mean it is perfectly okay to blame these entrepreneurs also known as “designers” for their un-affordable clothes but what do you do about the thick-headed customers who continue to not only willingly buy these clothes but are also very willingly ready to sell their self-respect while fighting over these dresses in those crazy 36 hours sales. People need to understand that there is more to life than just clothes. Practically speaking, yes, it’s their money; they can do whatever they want to do with it. But be reasonable at least, your holding community parties, charity functions, fund raisers, all of that to help the society, help the poor, all the while wearing a thirty thousand something dress adorned with branded accessories worth all of the event put together and then you talk about income inequality too. Like seriously, take a breath and look around you. The problem is right there, right in front of you, look in the mirror again, just with a deeper perspective. The income disparity is ever increasing in Pakistan and with these trends the lifestyle imbalance is pure ugly. Our country has enough social problems as it is, the least people can do is be human while shopping.

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