Design, a power to explore economic wealth and development: CG US


International conference on design evolution concludes

Amanullah Khan

Grace W. Shelton, the Consul General of the United States in Karachi while speaking at the concluding session of the international Conference on Design Evolution has remarked that design has a power to explore economic wealth and development. The conference was held at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture (IVS) in collaboration with Kennesaw State University (KSU), Georgia, while it was sponsored by the US State Department under the Higher Education Academic Exchange Partners Program between IVS and KSU.
The theme of this three days International conference Design was Evolution: Education and Practice in architecture. Topic covers include subjects like Communication Design and advertising, new media, film, graphic design, Illustration, Interior design, Textile and fashion design and other related fields in the South/Central Asian and cross cultural context.
Addressing the concluding session Professor Emeritus Shehnaz Ismail said she feels privileged to be part of it, the mission to reach out to city and country and rest of the world has been fulfilled by this conference, two days of amazing learning and sharing with experience and energetic new generation of artists, designers their observation and reflection of a fresh perspective of hope of the future, and also to be thankful to Kennesaw University State department and IVS that IDC has provided tremendous exposure to the students.
She said conference has been a celebration of human imagination. She dedicated few lines to foreign friends , saying “ we miss American friends Kennesaw but tomorrow is another day , we will wait for them tomorrow , After all we are all good people.” Grace W. Shelton (American Council General) said that Indus valley is the most beautiful College campus of Pakistan, US Department of State is so proud to be the sponsor of this conference. IVS and KSU hosted visits of faculty and students for past 3 years; this includes some sessions for the conference as well.
Beyond this collaboration it’s so fascinating to see the range of paper topics, from urban design to Truck Art, to cultural preservation, to innovation. These issues, penciled in the artistic world, are relevant to the global development of art and design.
Further she said,”I’m not an artist but still I can recognize that design is more than aesthetic; it’s also about functions utility and cooperating new technologies.
Design also has a power to explore economic wealth and development. The conference has provided opportunities to develop networks and increase energy and connected world and it’s productive for future project in research. The US diplomat encouraged the connections made here in the conference and expressed confidence that these connections will continue to progress in the same areas.” Samina Raees Khan (The Executive Director IVS) said, “This conference is a massive learning experience for all of us.
I ‘m glad that regardless of the current security situation, we all are here for this conference. I also acknowledge and appreciate everybody who has contributed in the IDC, specially Gulzar Haider, Saima Zaidi ,Dr. Mehrdad Hadighi, Dr. Javed Haider, Prof. Talat Haider, Richard Bayon , Grace Shelton IVS has achieved a milestone yet another milestone to get close to its vision 2025 by which aspire IVS to become one of the leading art and design institute in research and innovation, while closing the ceremony, she quoted Winston Churchill’s “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

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