Deprivation rises among Sindhis: Aajiz

Sawan Khaskheli


Senator Aajiz Dhamrah, Information Secretary, PPP Sindh said that Federal Govt has turned its attitude as disgrace to Sindh and it continually neglected the Sindh province.
Adding he said that feelings of deprivation and inferiority complex has been risen among the people of Sindh during the Sharif’s Govt. Mr. Dhamrah added that Nawaz Sharif has deprived the Sindh province from 2013 and now he remembered the Sindh sudden which is not termed as betray with people of Sindh only. Mr. Dhamrah said that in a past Sharif’s Govt also announced the schemes of billions through the NHA and PSDP but virtually remained a reverie only for the people of Sindh and now it has been lost the trust of the people of Sindh. Adding he expressed that why does Federal Govt denying to announce the National Finance Commission (NFC) award for the provinces which their constitutional right.
Moreover, Mr. Dhamrah said that the Federal Govt is reducing a big number of the schemes of the projects of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for Sindh which also reflects the level of the interest of N-League for Sindh.
Mr. Dhamrah has expressed his deep concerns over the unfair process of census and added that the concerns of PPP regarding the census from its earliest are being proven as true.
The behavior of the Federal Govt regarding the census towards the province is prejudicial and they will even monitor the process to achieve the accurate the results of census he added.
Adding he said that he has met the family of kidnapped Engineer Ayaz Ali Jamali on the directives of the Chairman, PPP, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He said that PPP is taking sincere efforts for the return of the Pakistani Engineer Mr. Ayaz Ali Jamali and also took same issue in senate for soon return back to mother land of the Badin’s engineer and urged the Govt of Pakistan to take immediate diplomatic efforts with South Sudan for his release.
It is pertinent to mention that Pakistan Engineer Mr. Ayaz Ali Jamali, resident of district Badin was a week earlier kidnaped by rebels from Riek Macchar group in south Sudan.
On the occasion, Haji Sain Bux Jamali, General Secretary, PPP, Badin, Fida Hussain, Mandhro, Information Sec: PPP, Badin, Khan Sahib Jamali, Danial Abro and others were also present.

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