No. It doesn’t exist but relentlessly you feel as if the cloak of darkness is engulfing you. Your brain is under piercing pressure all the time. You are trapped in the misery of your life, lost in the sorrow of your soul and you are unable to see the light. But it doesn’t exist. You refuse to feed yourself; you don’t want to get up from your bed because you are constantly dwelled in an absolute turmoil of unexplainable despair let alone accepting the fact that you are depressed.
“There is no such thing as depression, it’s just a phase.” This one sentence is more or less heard in every household in Pakistan. It’s bad enough to get it but the stigma makes it even worse and thus putting on a good front and portraying ourselves as perfect stereotypical man or woman is the only option left. Mental health itself has a low priority, from the society I come from; many people would feel humiliated to ask for medical help for dealing with anxiety issues or depression since every other mental problem is considered to be related to mental retardation so we pretend as if it doesn’t exist. A study showed that out of 1.6 million tumbler posts 200,000 contained content relevant to self-harm and suicides. Another study shows that about 15,000 people commit suicide every year. I am closing this note with the same question I asked at the beginning, does it exist?

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