Depoliticised Police that serves people

A report of a committee constituted by Federal Ombudsman has highlighted inadequacies faced by police due to lack of training, influence of bigwigs, unaccountability and failing to upgrade their technology to investigate crime scenes among others. While recommending restructuring of the force, the report also draws attention towards the efforts made in the past for police reforms but which failed to produce any visible results.
This report has come at a time when police and its incapability are under acute focus since the unfolding of the NAP and warrants genuine and concrete measures both on the part of federal and provincial governments to improve the capacity and image of police, which is in a shambles today because of enhanced political interference. Devoid of resources and training and lacking in basic professionalism and true autonomy, our police today is a reminder of what happens when puny men are allowed their way into large public offices. It is because of this sorry state of affairs that police entrusted with responsibility of protecting lives and properties of people itself has become an oppressive instrument and is in nexus with criminal elements. We have seen such instances of their connivance with criminals in Karachi. It is also because of their incapability that Rangers were called in Karachi and now in Punjab to curb terrorists and other criminal elements. Given the precarious situation, it has become imperative to build police force on modern lines having the capacity and capability to cope with all the challenges and ensure thorough administration of justice. Firstly, police must be depoliticised. New blood should be inducted in police purely on merit without any political considerations. Secondly, massive moral and professional training is required to bring attitudinal change in the mindset of police personnel. Every rank of police personnel should go through a refresher course that instils a commitment in them to act and think ethically. Simultaneously, equipping the department with technology of the day would also help it easily investigate and solve complex cases. Strengthening this institution would eventually ensure rule of law in the country.

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