Deplorable public transport system

Saifullah Siddiqui

I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities the declining conditions of public transport and some remedial measures to curb this problem. The condition of public transport has been declining due to multiple factors. Firstly the buses owners do not spend money on the periodical upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles, to make the travel comfortable. Moreover, frequent strikes, protests and unfair burning of mass transit buses has also contributed greatly to the loss of interest of the travelling public on the public transport system.
The people feel insecure while travelling by bus. Moreover, the unavailability and over crowdedness of buses, coupled with rude and arrogant dealings of the bus drivers and conductors also bring irritation to the public. People face difficulties to get to their work on time and those who are to made sit on roof endanger themselves.
This condition of public transport necessitates drastic changes in the management system, inculcating a code of ethics for the conductors and drivers and encouraging more investment in the transport sector.
— Karachi

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