Deplorable public hospitals

Fakeha Faiz

The wreched condition of public hospitals in Pakistan warrants serious attention of the concerned authorities. Visiting a public hospital is a nightmarish experience for most people. Dysfunctional medical machinary, dearth of patient beds and non-availability of the most basic medical facilities are the most glaring problems of the government-run hospitals. Apathetic attitude of doctors and other para-medical staff compounds patients’ miseries. Most patients keep crying for medical attention for hours but no one puts balm on their wounds. Moreover, one feels revulsion at the sight of unhygenic conditions in public hospitals. Heaps of dirt and filth in hospitals’ washrooms, corridors and open spaces do not stir concerned authorities into action. Such unclean and septic conditions transmit diseases in even healthy individuals. It is unfortunate that even the country’s biggest medical institute, PIMS, also suffers from government’s negligence. This abysmal condition of public healthcare centers induces hopelessness and weariness in patients which can further aggravate their diseases.
It is regrettable that this dismal picture of the public hospitals fails to ruffle the feathers of concerned authorities. Our health budget is woefully low, and even this low budget becomes a victim of financial irregularities and mismanagement. Our government has made its reputation for its development oriented policies. Shiny roads, flyovers, metro buses and orange line trains are indeed important for the country’s progress, but without correcting the pathetic state of our heathcare system, we are vying to become one of the most regressive nations of the world. Only healthy citizenry can add to the country’s development. I hope authorities shift their attention towards this most important issue.
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