Dengue, the virus

Around 163 patients have been diagnosed with dengue throughout the Sindh province, of which 155 were reported in Karachi alone. The first death caused by dengue was reported on April 5th in the metropolis. It is sad that despite all the efforts of the authorities these cases are on the rise, mainly because the city of Karachi has many pockets of unhygienic conditions. These conditions allow dengue mosquitoes to breed. Secondly, coolers, water tanks, and dirty corners are a breeding ground for them. The authorities should visit houses that openly keep water outside their homes and impose penalties on them.
Moreover, the authorities concerned should also make effective plans to remove all the dirt from the city. On the other hand, the residents should wear full-sleeved clothes and use mosquito-repellent spray and solutions at night. Doors and windows should be wire-meshed or netted. If high fever, severe headache, backache and joint pains coupled with nausea, vomiting, eye pain and rashes appear on the body, one must immediately go to the nearby hospital, as these symptoms are of malaria and dengue. The experts concerned should investigate the issue and take prompt measures to help us of our situation.
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