Demonstrate constraint, maturity

Monday’s incident at the judicial complex where Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal and other senior party leaders were barred by Rangers from entering court room to witness proceedings of the accountability court, hearing references against Sharif family, has once again generated debate in different circles that all is not well amongst State institutions – something that the country can least afford at a time when it is faced with multidimensional challenges both internally and externally.
Ahsan Iqbal, who is generally soft spoken, gave a strong statement before the media expressing his surprise over the Rangers security take-over at the judicial complex as the force also comes under the domain of Interior Ministry. In a harsh worded speech, Ahsan Iqbal stated that state within a state will not be accepted and while ordering a detailed inquiry, he said he will resign if not established who deployed Rangers as they are supposed to take orders from him. Being the Interior Minister, Ahsan indeed has the authority to call the shots and take decisions about the internal security measures. But at the same time, we understand that instead of outburst on the media which provided material to the opponents to do politics and create an environment of uncertainty, Mr Ahsan should have demonstrated restraint and instead tried to find out as to who is behind the whole episode. This may be a mischief to trigger clash or confrontation between the two state institutions or an attempt to give such kind of impression in order to add to the government woes. Therefore, we expect the inquiry ordered by the Interior Minister will be taken to logical conclusion at the earliest and as per the commitment will also be made public so that people could know the real truth. As far as demand of the PML (N) for open trial is concerned, we understand that given the importance and sensitivity of the references, it is very much fair and is in accordance with the law and constitution and should be met in order to avoid further controversies. There is no denying the fact that court room at the judicial complex has no adequate space to accommodate all the visitors from the media as well as political parties, therefore, it will be in the fitness of things if the judge overseeing Sharifs’ NAB cases pass an order changing the place of the hearing to the one that could accommodate more number of people. The entire nation wants a fair trial for the former prime minister with no dubiousness and whilst we expect that the courts will dispense justice, we will also ask the cabinet members as well as other political leaders to refrain from issuing such statements that hurt the very interests of the country and benefit its enemies. All the institutions are duty bound to work within their constitutional domain and they need to work in cohesion to thwart the threats facing the country.

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