Democratic ambiance

Following the successful completion of the tenure of the PML (N), it is heartening to learn that Pakistan is now treading towards democratic stability. For decades, an effective democratic ambiance has remained at stake. However, for the past decade, the political parties have, albeit with slow pace, exhibited responsible behaviour in circumventing and outweighing anti-democratic elements. Besides, the role of other institutions, especially of the Army, Judiciary, and National Accountability Bureau (NAB), also merits mention in eliminating vices and fostering environ of justice and transparency.
Despite this, threats to democratic ambiance still cannot be overlooked. The rising culture of Dharna politics, extreme vigilantism, petty squabbling among the politicians, to name just few, could undermine the nascent democratic cosmos in the nation. Given that the new election is around the corner, all the concerned political authorities and institutions need to think of the said issues; and, instead of pulling one another’s legs and engaging in trivial issues, public issues be given due heed. This would further help the State in strengthening democratic polity.

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