Democracy without a base

Democracy cannot be attained in overnight rather it is phenomenon of lengthy process of progressive evolution. But how long it may take time to evolve to its maturity and stability is question remained unanswered so far. The point worth consideration here is that despite lapse of almost 70 years its evolution has been apparently at bottom unfortunately due to inherent issues rooted in our society. The unacceptable truth is: there has not been a Democratic Base or infrastructure of our society. Do we have a democratic base on which the edifice of democracy could be evolved and eventually built? No, certainly not.
Certain families only enjoy privilege to rule one after another. Secondly, the feudalism which is antithesis to democratic base of any nation has been inherited. Feudal and landlord affiliation with either of party determine election results. Existence of feudalism can provide zero base to democratic evolution.
Thirdly is illiteracy. An illiterate society can never level ground to democracy to flourish. As Islam itself says “an educated and uneducated cannot be equal” in line with this my contention is why an illiterate has been given an equal right to vote at par with an educated. A society where most voting portion of population is illiterate to expect rightly elected person from such election is to live in fool’s paradise. Let me state this point categorically that an uneducated must not have a voting right.
As a man of realistic approach, I firmly believe this society is devoid of democratic base. The democratic base inter alia is inter-parties’ democratic structure, functioning, feudalism free and an enlightened educated society without which despite four to five consecutive elections democracy will never pass through its evolutionary process to attain stability.

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