Democracy vs dictatorship

Sadia Jahandad

Political system of Pakistan has seen many upheavals since its creation in 1947. If we see the entire political scenario, Pakistan has been ruled under four Martial laws and some periods of fragileand corrupt democracy. No doubt that democratic system is always favourable because people think that in a democratic society every citizen has a right to share his or her opinion and majority of people in Pakistan like democratic system. There is a famous quote that became much popular in our news media, at the end of dictatorship of Prevaiz Musharraf that “Severe democracy is better than the good dictatorship”. We don’t talk about past. Recently, we can see or analyze the democratic system that came in 2008 and still exists.
No doubt that democratic system is healthy for any society or nation, but in Pakistan I think and may be some of you agree or may be some of you not that in dictatorship era our country make much progress. From the last 4 decades two parties that are ruling in Pakistan PPP and PML-N and in between our countries suffered two Martial laws – of Pervez Musharraf and Zia ul Haq. The reason for bad political system is that in Pakistan that people work for their personal interests. They do not work or think collectively and for the development of state; they just work for their personal gains. This is not the fault of our politicians only but also of the public that votes for the corrupt politicians again and again despite knowing much about them.
Musharraf’s era was the best era of 64 year history of Pakistan with respect to progress and prosperity in every field of life. Progress was on its peak at that time. He started a plenty of new projects for the development of Pakistan. He started tax free industrialization to attract the foreign investors. His plan worked and a number of multi-national companies started their business in Pakistan thus opening up employment opportunities for educated youth, during his era. It was very difficult to find out skilled laborer for small level construction. But he make a blunder to allow entry to Benazir and Nawaz Sharif into Pakistan to do politics that not only harmed the nation but also brought bad name for him. As per an agreement between the leaders of PPP and PMLN, PPP came into power after 2008 elections and crossed all limits of corruption. Zardari, an icon of corruption steered the wheel and PML-N just waited for its turn. Handing over the management of Gawadar Port to China and an agreement on the Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline project are the only positive decisions taken by PPP government, but that too when it was on its way out.
Through 2013 election PML-N took the power and is still ruling the government. Political system of Pakistan cannot be healthy unless the free or fair elections are not held and all pillars of the state, like Judiciary, Media and ECP work in the good or positive manner. Democratic system is healthy for society but in Pakistan it is always the military dictatorship that has brought solace for the people and development for the country. In case any government completes its tenure, it weakens the country so much that for the next government it is very difficult to stabilize the country.
— Islamabad

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