Democracy can’t flourish where personal interests preferred over national interests: Imran


Tariq Saeed


Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan Friday lamented that the VIP culture and injustice was eating up the very fiber of the society adding it was actually the dynastic politics in Pakistan that caused serious blow to the democratic norms and restrained democracy flourish.
‘This is painful that nation is heavily indebted and today every Pakistan has to pay Rs. 1,20,000 , this is only due to the corrupt practice and the crimes committed by none else but the rulers who even when nabbed face VIP accountability’. The PTI Supremo said while addressing a big public rally at Dir Upper.
Imran said we have to make Pakistan a great nation in the days to come and that was only possible when justice and merit reign supreme in the country.
Imran said adding it was ironical that VIP accountability was given to the Sharif family, which is facing corruption cases. ‘They arrive in convoys of 40-50 vehicles with official protocol; ‘little thieves go to jail but the great ones get a 40-car motorcade.’
He said those claiming to be the champions of democracy must realize that democratic values cannot flourish in the environment where the personal interests are safeguarded and preferred over the national interests. The ‘so-called leaders’ have been involved in taking away the public wealth into their foreign accounts, which has pushed the country to a financial crisis, PTI chief said.
Coming hard on former president Asif Zardari and Sharif family, Imran said they have been plundering the nation’s wealth for decades and the recent inflammation was the consequence of their wrongdoings and malpractices. ‘Both, Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif are the biggest culprits and unfortunately the entire nation has to pay for their crimes’, PTI chief maintained.
He said development will definitely take place in the country, the youngsters will get employment opportunities, the industrial sector will progress and institutions would flourish when the money – laundered abroad brought is back and spent on the projects and the main criminals are dispatched to jails.
He said we have to make Pakistan a country where there is justice for every one irrespective of his position, Imran said adding ‘We will introduce merit in all the state institutions after coming into power as the nation is in dire need of ‘new Pakistan’.

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