Democracy: A blessing turned tsunami

Anya Augustine Igwebuike

OVER the years, mankind’s decision making through popular suffrage by the people for a selected few to administer on the various institutions, primarily Government Institutions for the overall benefits has been met with stiff and brute resistance towards growth and development. In view of this, modern democracies encompasses on two fundamental fronts; sovereignty and ability to intervene in internal dealings.
However, these theories/fronts hitherto have been devoured, inadequate, unsatisfactory, and above all left unchallenged by the greater populace. No credence to these masquerades parading at twilights as leaders of thoughts and some politicians to a larger extent in which through fraudulent enrichment/embezzlement of the scarce resources bestowed on them with an oath to deliver on good governance alas has been to the brinks and abysmal hopelessness for the populace.
Furthermore, it is a pity that the twenty first century generation of teeming youths populace, constituting over 50% of the world’s population are still regarded as leaders of tomorrow when in actual sense, their future have been hoodwinked by the mighty older generation of men who are closer to their ancestors. This is laughable/regrettable and unacceptable only if the weak can realize where lies the weakness and the goal getter where lies the aims and objectives. In most countries of the world, people’s right to democratic practices have always been in ponderous shambles through crude and sharp practices by the actors involved; disenfranchising the masses their popular mandate and liberty to choose leadership that could commensurate with the yearnings of the people; awful, the youths are used in entrenching all these vile deals against their popular aspirations.
This is a wakeup call to overhaul the system through youths’ motivated strategies to entrench/elevate and solidify the base of leadership for equity and justice, through which the whims of wrong actors could be tamed. In the light of the foregoing, democracy and abundance of resources in some continents of the world which should be a blessing to its people has been a tsunami and exercised in reckless abandon due to unpatriotic tendencies of the vile men of such continents. How long shall we continue in this wishful thinking of catching up with reality and in turn civilization when the heart nurtures, breeds and oozes unproductivity and stark ignorance.
This has also contributed to global terrorism, and unprecedented social vices. Focus on democracy as being canvassed, can be maintained ideally in numerous ways of actions that could constitute totality of fairness. This sum up to electioneering processes. Though, these processes themselves do not guarantee electoral success in such that the puzzle of democracy is in the public domain which has various lengths and breadths. Often times, the people are fixated, hapless and helpless to ask vital questions on whether the utilization of the common wealth of the people has been effectively carried out.
The societies we live in have also helped to encourage all these excesses through groups and individual praises due to given crumbs. Moreover, democracies have been utilized by super countries of the world as a tool in power brokering and dialogue for world peace. This is witnessed when George W. Bush rose in defense of the war in Iraq; he posited that “America is a Nation with mission, and that mission comes from our most basic beliefs. We have no desire to dominate, no ambitions of empire.
Our aim is a democratic peace –a peace founded upon the dignity and rights of every man and woman”. In line with the aforementioned quotes from George W. Bush, ambiguity of the word democracy resurfaces, if viewed differently from the basic underlying aims; this generates scenario that conceptualizes any form of actions, creeping in inequality and indeed lies a great handy poverty else there will be empowered inclusiveness with fostered equality through competitiveness thus demonstrating democracy in a nutshell.
Generally, outcomes are blurred; neo-colonization has overridden the fundamental quests and agitations for self-determination for the minorities especially, not because they are weak but are sustained in oppression by the powers that be. Thus, cultures of these people which constitute elements of cohesion and egalitarian society have been dashed. Owing to this, it is now high time we all have a holistic retrospection and form a synergy that could bring/bind and put the society to lime light rather than rifts and deprivation. Democracy is good and should always stand as the vehicle for transformation.
Nevertheless, strengthening of Institutions which are the bedrock for healthy policy making via men of impeccable characters should be highly promoted than empowering cronies. In view of these, light and hope seemed not quenched particularly at the end of the tunnel for at least there are some giant organizations like Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) that have always demonstrated positive qualities via democratic principles with its mission for South-South sustainable development in the area of science and technology.
COMSATS have earned itself the integrity and honor tag as “PACESETTERS” in this regard, for its chosen mandate amongst which are; creation of Institutions, COMSATS Internet Services (CIS), International Thematic Research Groups (ITRGs) and continuous Scholarship offers to students from the South-South and the globe at large for higher academic pursuits. In conjunction, Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD) and to be precise in 2009 has deliberated, and offered blue prints on how to develop a more constructive relationship between Democracy and Sustainable Development.
Conclusively, according to the former Secretary General of UN, Ban Ki-Moon in his message for the International Day of Democracy, as observed in the year 2016, clearly said “Effective democratic governance promotes sustainable development, enhances quality of life for all”. COMSATS quests for peace for all mankind through tenets of inclusiveness and regional integration is not far-fetched as seen from the words of Ban Ki- Moon above and as championed by its previous and current Executive Director, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi H.I., S.I. Thus, this article pinpoints diverse effects of Democracy on our society.
—The Writer is Ph.D Research Scholar, at COMSATS Headquarters, Shahrah-e-Jamhuriat, G-5/2, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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