Demand of Prayer mats Increases during holy month

The demand and sale of prayer rug or mat used by Muslim devotees during the holy month of Ramadan has gone up all across the country as muslims engage in increased prayer and charity during the holy month.
A report aired by a private news channel said, to believers around the world and through the ages, a prayer rug or mat known as sajjadat salat, a term borne out of the acts of prostration done during Islamic prayers (sujood) is found in every Muslim home and is often a constant travel companion that goes with the worshiper.
“Sales increases during the month of Ramadan because Muslims try to follow Sunnah and teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). So, they use prayer mats,” a shopkeeper said.
Another shop owner said that Ramadan brings a windfall for them.
Ahmed Ali, a customer at one of the stalls, said that he was there to buy new prayer mats.
“It is customary for us to purchase prayer mats and holy books from stalls outside the mosque every year in Ramadan,” Ali said, adding that he prefers thick prayer mats for the long Taraveeh sessions. The Mosques becomes a hub for sales of prayer related accessories. Many customers said they travel to the market from nearby towns to buy prayer mats in bulk.—APP

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