Demand for early elections

PTI leader Imran Khan has once again demonstrated his impatience by making demand for holding early elections in the country on the pretext that it would end uncertainty and ‘strengthen democracy’. He also claimed, in support of his demand, that incumbent Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was powerless as he himself declares Mian Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister.
From the very first year after holding of general election in 2013, Imran Khan has been making efforts to destabilise the government and used tactics to bring it down. He could not succeed in it through Islamabad Dharna and lockdown of the Federal Capital. Supreme Court removed Nawaz Sharif from the PM Office in Panama Leaks case, which in a way helped Imran Khan to achieve his objectives. However, the ruling PML (N) demonstrated extreme sense of responsibility and vision by accepting judgement of the top court despite reservations and successfully completed the process of democratic transition. Critics of the government believed that the moment Mian Nawaz Sharif would be removed from the office of chief executive and then as leader of the party, PML (N) would be in disarray, Sharif family would be divided and there would be large-scale desertions, possibly to PTI. However, this didn’t happen and plans to engineer a change miserably failed to the disappointment of some political forces. Now, attempts are being made to put further pressure on Sharif family by untimely reopening of Hudaibya Paper Mills Reference, expediting cases against them at different levels and levelling all sorts of allegations against them. The demand for holding of fresh elections is surely part of the same strategy but there was absolutely no justification for early polls as there is universal consensus among neutral observers that Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was performing and delivering well despite odds being created by different circles. His administration, management of the economy and effectively handling of the foreign policy as vindicated by his performance at the UN are clear indications that he is delivering as per expectations of the masses and representing aspirations of the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan is demanding elections to ‘strengthen democracy’ but his own actions are against this cherished objective and fresh elections at this point of time would produce a hung Parliament leaving democracy at the mercy of circumstances.

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