Deliberately planned, terrorist heavens

A H Bhatti
THE precedents do not just happen, they are made to happen for a purpose and are the consequence of policy decisions, whether openly declared or otherwise. President Trump’s Indian sponsored statement and Pakistan’s (Army Chief) well thought out response has made it clear that the things haven’t panned out to be in an orderly fashion. The Chinese and Russian response also clears their stepping up of influence throughout the world. The message is clear as the time has come to cut the inimical cord. Yes; let’s shake hands and No-more twisting Mr Sam, we can and we’ll survive now.
The terrorists’ heavens in this region were created under a well engineered plan, as Af-Pak case makes a clear and tangible picture if we look toward the chronological order of past events: In May 2001, in Kargal episode, the US all out support (including area guidance system) for India against Pakistan during Gen Zinni’s visit, in Sep 2001, the so-called 9/11 incident by Mid-East terrorists used as a ploy to occupy and destabilize this region instead of inquiry into the country of their origin, in Oct 2001, the US might was imposed by heavy bombings and invasion of Afghanistan as a future base, and in Nov 2001, Kabul falls occupation of Afghanistan started.
In Dec 2001, India was directed to move its military machines along Pakistan’s eastern border to push Pak forces away from Afghan border for over 2 years. In March 2002, India was asked to open over 35 terror centres along Pak-Afghan border -Call them terrorist heavens. In May 2002, secret shifting of Afghans to India for training of terrorist acts in Pakistan and anti-Pakistan activities as per pre-conceived plan. June 2002 to June 2003, the processing of terrorist operations in Pakistan through extremists and buying of local media, NGOs, traitors, greedy and valueless moderates from Pakistan. Aug 2003, the sudden but planned rise of TTP (like ISIS in Mideast) through hidden announcement – a pursuance of CIA Policy if their history is traced back. Dec 2003 to 2005, the killing of Tribal Maliks, innocents and Pro- Afghan Pushtuns in tribal areas of Pakistan through TTP and drones to create breading ground for suicide bombers against the State and Pak Army.
Indo-US nuclear deal 2005: The deal was in brazen violation/relaxation of international rules and openly giving India regional policeman role for assertive actions. State Sponsored Funding, an amount of over Rs 600 bln spent through hidden means to fund TTP Ops and Logistics (from 2001 to 2009 as per an independent survey) which could only be afforded by a state. Planted leaks through International Media, Salala killing, Baitullah/TTP support, Abotabad Op, Angoor Adda Skirmishes and allowing Indian/Israeli Agencies to openly use Afghan soil against Pakistan raises lot of questions.
Killing of Baitullah Masood 2009: Once Pak forces closed on over him, the US drone killed him to avoid interrogation. Recovery of US/NATO origin Encrypted type Communication System and other equipment made things more clear. Technically monitored engagement of Mehran Naval and Kamra Air bases, GHQ, HQ ISI and other sensitive installations by TTP to hit Pakistan’s prime jewels speaks very loud about the stakes involved.
Continues puppet regimes with anti-Pakistan and anti-Pushtun Govts in Afghanistan openly provided shelter to international terror groups including TTP, JUA and likes in Afghanistan. The list of undermining the state of Pakistan and its Armed Forces is quite long. The engineered plan was to convert Pak into Iraq/Syria like situation but the globally recognized and proven resolve of Pakistan Armed Forces became the major obstacle enroot; who by investing great amount of blood and efforts protected the people and the state of Pakistan through valiantly fighting for the motherland against this plan.
It’s now an open secret that Marvel of Marvels – the CPEC project – has kicked off under security of Pakistan Army. Russia, China, Turkey, Qatar and few more to come Mid-East states have started asserting their influence in Asian conflicts and thus denying (have denied) Uni-Polarism. No worries – what we only need to do is simply honour the Quaid’s message, Unity, Faith, Discipline to become a strong nation.
— The writer is freelance columnist, based in Gujranwala.

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