Delhi should not have hosted the Test in this season

By Bipin Dani Sports


All Sri Lankan fielders except the bowler and the wicket keeper wore mask during India’s second innings at the Ferozsha Kotla ground on the fourth day of the ongoing Test match.
It is very difficult to play with the mask, according to Dr. K. K. Agrawal, the president of the All India Medical Association.
Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Delhi, the cricket-fan doctor said, “it is very difficult for any player to play with mask without having its habit.
They may not find it comfortable to play with mask”.
It is the first time in the history of international cricket, the players are wearing mask because of heavy air pollution in Delhi.
“The bowlers and the wicket-keeper were not using masks because they would find it difficult to appeal. The batsmen also didn’t use it because it makes them difficult to hear the calls for runs”.
“Actually, the Test match in Delhi at this time should not have been played. No match can be played in such smog conditions”. “Objection by the Sri Lankan player was justified because their players have not played cricket in such condition. Colombo’s Air Pollution Level is much below than Delhi’s.
Air Quality Index (AQI) above 200 is not desirable”, Dr. Agrawal added. “The marathon runners use masks but they are sending wrong signals to the people. Scientifically also it is incorrect to play. Government should issue guidelines on this issue”, added doctor.

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