Deforestation in KarachiDeforestation in Karachi

I would like to draw the attention of the authorities concerned to the issue of: ‘Deforestation in Karachi’. Deforestation begins when trees and vegetation are cut. In Pakistan, people cut most of the trees within the area which leads to water erosion, causing the loss of soil and nutrients, cutting trees on slopes also increases wind which further harms our aquatic population. Cutting of forest or deforestation also causes an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which harms the environment and habitats.
Mangroves are considered to be an evergreen forest that tolerates salt and can be found in tropical climates mostly around the equator but sadly Mangrove forests are experiencing new threats that are harming and destroying them all over the world. For example, threats that mangrove forests face are deforestation, pollution and over- harvesting of resources. Deforestation reportedly played a part in increased number of deaths in Karachi for the last few years. Forests are also responsible for bringing rainfall but due to lack of forests and increase in deforestation, Karachi receives less rainfall and the temperature of the city is increasing by each passing year. On the other hand, concrete buildings, industries, signboards are threatening the greenery of Karachi. To avoid ‘Deforestation’ we can plant a tree where ever it’s possible, we can buy recycled products and then recycle them again, we can raise awareness in our social circle and in our communities. And, fortunately, there are environmentally and forest friendly businesses that are helping to stop deforestation. They just need our support.

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