Forest plays an important role in the development of a country. They are considered as natural resources. According to the experts forest should cover at least 25% of the total area of the country. Unfortunately in Pakistan only 4.5% total area is covered with forests. And it is just due to deforestation. It is a fact that deforestation is a main environmental concern in the world. Deforestation includes the cutting down , burning and destroying of a forest.
It is the first link in a chain of environment degradation that includes erosion climatic change, air pollution and the loss of hardwood and fuel wood. The deforestation affects the life of plants and animals. People have general impression that if trees and plants are cut down they will grow back in a few years. Yes plants will ultimately grow back but the forest will never be the same as before. The people cut down trees to meet their own needs without considering future outcome.
If preventive measures are not taken immediately to stop the process of deforestation where human will be under the grip of severe crises, we may lose animal, plants and great possibility for fatal diseases which could severely harm the mankind. Thus, we must join hand to hand to work out a plan that should be appropriate for the environment.
Kech, Turbat

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