Defiant sit-in at D-Chowk

Javaid Bashir

D-Chowk has become the favourite site for the protesters. The religious rightist parties have staged a Sit-in in defiance to the Federal government. The question is how these protesters reached the infamous spot? The inability of the Police force is perhaps the main reason. These protesters have indulged in nasty agitation and deeds of violence.
Due to the sit in, the life of the people has been seriously disrupted and the Capital city has been paralyzed. Various religious parties having diverse views, have united to challenge the writ of the government. Globe-trotting Prime Minister has cancelled his private and official visits to destination London, UK and USA. Perhaps he has sensed some foul play. He may have thought that he could control the deteriorating situation by sitting in the Capital. The best option is to initiate dialogue. I can only appeal to both the parties to restrain from violence and disperse peacefully.
— Via email

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