Defaming Kashmiri struggle

Dr Muhammad Khan

THE struggle for the right of self-determination of Kashmiris is purely political in nature. It started much earlier than Pakistan came into being or even there was a clear thinking for an independent Muslim state in Subcontinent. It started soon after Kashmir was sold out to Dogra Ruler, Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1846. As a result of their struggle, Dogra rulers were forced to give them the right over their land in 1927. However, 1931 was a decisive year, once there was a formal revolt by Kashmiris outside Srinagar Central Jail and killings of two dozen people by Dogra forces. Unfortunately, in the course of their freedom struggle, there came many occasions, where deliberate attempts were made to defame this movement.
Very recently, a terrorist organization, namely AQIS has released a poisonous statement accusing the Pakistani Government, Army and intelligence agencies of being “traitors”, who betrayed Kashmiris for their own vested interests. The message titled ‘Jihad of Kashmir: A Call to Reflection & Action” is pack of lies, prepared and release by Usama Mahmood on the behest of Indian agencies. This is a very deliberate attempt by this outfit to betray the people of IOK and even AJK from Pakistan. Since Pakistan is the only voice of the Kashmiris to the outside world, the international community, therefore, through such terrorists’ outfits, India is trying to create a rift between Kashmiri masses and Pakistan. The statement is a clear attempt of compelling Kashmiri masses to part ways from Pakistan. In fact in the last seven decades, India could not convince the people of IOK to accept Indian rule and live under its Constitution. Besides, India could see very clearly a new and firm stance of Kashmiris masses for their future with Pakistan. The commitment of Kashmiri with Pakistan can be imagined from the fact that, Kashmiri martyrs are being buried in the coffins made from Pakistani flags. Many Kashmiri youth paraded while wearing the dress of Pakistani flag.
Besides, Indian brutalities and oppression, they hate India because India is the enemy of Pakistan and only obstacle in the achievement of their right of self-determination. In summary, the struggle of Kashmiri for their right of self-determination is primarily for Pakistan. Alongside India, these organizations have been making repeated efforts to damage Kashmir’s freedom struggle by propagating against the unequivocal efforts made by the Pakistan, its government, army and people. The timing of the AQIS statement also depicts that the handiwork of an Indian mind. It is being done when India failed to persuade the Kashmiris by making use of other means. It is known that, most of the militant organisations working against Pakistan are being funded and abetted by anti-Pakistan forces. AQIS is one such organization having its global linkages, India being the one, using it to defame the just cause of Kashmiri people and dubbing the Kashmiri struggle as terrorism.
Who can deny the efforts made by Pakistan for the right of self-determination of Kashmiris, ever since 1947? Pakistan has always supported Kashmiri struggle in all aspects; political, moral and diplomatic. In fact, Pakistan fought Kashmir case at UN and at all global forums on behalf of Kashmiris. Very recently in September, 2016, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif took a very bold stance in the support of Kashmiris, while addressing the UNGA session. It was a very comprehensive address, covering the humanitarian aspects of the Kashmiris masses of IOK.
Indeed, Indian state sponsor terrorism in IOK is unmatched in the world. India has worst record of human rights violations in IOk, killing over 113, 000 Kashmiris and now using new strategies to kill and paralyse them by making use of pellet-guns. The veteran Kashmir leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelaniand many others have greatly appreciated the courageous and determined support of Pakistani Premier in UNGA. Kashmiris greatly appreciate the efforts of the people and Government of Pakistan in highlighting the Kashmir dispute as a friend and well wisher of Kashmir. Chairman of JKLF Yasin Malik has also appreciated the Pakistani support for Kashmir and said that Pakistan is making all efforts to highlight plight of suppressed Kashmiris. Moreover, unanimous resolutions of APC on Kashmir and joint session of Parliament have sent a loud and clear message that Pakistan will always support people of IOK.
A firm support and internationalization of Kashmir dispute by Pakistan has really disturbed the Indian Government and its spying network. It is only after these developments that, Indian agencies have involved in a false propaganda through its agents like Asim Umar and UsamaMahmood. The propaganda of Asim Umar, the chief of AQIS, is based on exploitation of grievances of Kashmiris and he wants to use Kashmiri freedom fighters for destabilizing Pakistan, the agenda of Indian Prime Minister Modi. Indeed, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits are the agents of anti-Pakistan lobby and want to create a sense of hate between the people of these two otherwise harmonious communities.
People of Kashmir reject assertions of AQIS and all othergroups, involved in creating a rift between Kashmiris and Pakistan. They indeed are betraying Kashmiris through fake and negative propogations, which would harm the justful cause of Kashmiris. People of Kashmir consider Pakistan as their home and indeed a stronghold for their right of self-determination. Let’s defeat these assertions through media and through academic discourse. No power on earth can separate Kashmiris from Pakistan.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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