Dedicated supporting staff necessary for administration of justice

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Islamabad—Justice Athar Minallah, Judge, Islamabad High Court, underscores the importance of effective conflict resolution management for sustainable peace and promotion of democratic norms and values in the society.
He expressed these views in the certificate awarding ceremony at the conclusion of a one –week training course on “ How to be an Effective Superintendent” for Superintendents of the Sessions Courts from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan at the Federal Judicial Academy on Saturday.
He said, “Conflict is an inevitable phenomenon in human society. Where there is human interaction; there is always either conciliation or conflict. Therefore, conflict resolution has been an integral part of human society since time immemorial. In our country also various forms of conflict resolution management were in vogue but now on the wane. It is a known fact that where there is no effective conflict resolution management, the courts become overloaded with cases and find it exceedingly hard to cope with the situation.
In this scenario, training is essential for the supporting staff to equip them with the emerging skills of administration and constantly evolving methodologies in human resource management, fiscal and file management in the world today. I hope that this training would have enhanced competence of the officers to properly react to various problems relating to human resources management, public dealing, etc. The Academy deserves appreciation to arrange such a much needed training for the Superintendents of Sessions Courts.”
Advising the Superintendents, he said, “While discharging your duties, please be courteous and compassionate with all around you including the litigant public. Always discharge your duties with courage and in an efficient manner.”
Twenty-four Superintendents of Sessions Courts from all over Pakistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan were awarded certificates in the ceremony at the Academy.

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