Decoration pieces making training

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—A training programme for calligraphy and decoration pieces making with the help of rice and wheat cort, will be initiated at Gor Gathri Museum in Peshawar. Aqil Shah from Bahadur Killi area is the sole artist who is making masterpieces with the help of rice and wheat cort in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for the last 30 years, reported a private news channel on Saturday.
Shah said this art was originated from Central Asia and he has promoted this special skill in Peshawar which was adopted by his forefathers. Only three other persons in Sindh specialise in this art, he added. The KP Culture Dept said a six-month project has been initiated with the name of Heritage Village at Gor Gathri Museum where Aqil Shah will provide training to aspiring people.

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