Decline of national game

Hockey is the national game of Pakistan. In the past, hockey was  known as one of the charming and charismatic games of our country. Conversely, today this game is rarely known and played. Due to poor infrastructure and mismanagement this game has lost its distinction. Now, our hockey team is suffering from various issues such as lack of pitches for practice and bad administration made it difficult for players to show good result. Moreover, Pakistan’s Hockey Federation is run by unprofessional individuals, resultantly they do not provide knowledge about new technical equipment and modern game strategies to the players.  Furthermore, fitness is another leading problem in our team as maximum number of players is not properly trained to handle mental and physical stress for a good game. In addition, fewer opportunities are provided to the young talent. At this stage, we need a revival plan to restore hockey back in our country. Funds should be provided to flourish and promote hockey nationwide. Media can also play an important role in the promotion of this game as hockey is being witnessed as fading from our TV screens. Besides, our younger generation also needs to indulge in our national game; otherwise future of hockey is bleak in Pakistan.HADIA AZIZIslamabad

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