Decisions made by voters thumbs, not umpire’s finger: Nawaz


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Nawaz Sharif told supporters on Saturday at the rally here that decisions are made by voter’s thumbs not the umpires finger.
The Pakistan Muslim League-N leader said that he has come to the city to congratulate the people for the recent victory of his party in the by-election against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s candidate Ali Tareen.
“You have proven that decisions are made by voters thumbs not the umpire’s finger,” he said. “You have restored the sanctity and respect of vote.”
Taking a jibe at the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, he said that “Ladla (favourite) said that he has taken decision to learn lesson from the Lodhran election. It will be the nation who will teach him a lesson.”
Nawaz said that his political opponents did nothing other than telling lies and hurling false allegations, whereas his party served the masses.
“Ali Tareen said before election that they have already won the poll but only need to extend the lead,” he said.
Referring to the upcoming elections, Nawaz stated the people have a huge decision to make. “Whatever has been happening in this country for 70 years has to change. We have to protect the sanctity of the vote,” he told a roaring crowd.
He also said that the result of Lodhran by-election will be seen throughout the country in the general elections.
Speaking at the workers’ convention Nawaz stated he has been serving the masses since 1985, and after him Shahbaz Sharif has been serving the people.
“I am not the prime minister anymore. They have slapped charges of corruption on me, none of which have been proven. I was disqualified on the basis of not taking a salary from my son.”
He stated that outcome of NA-154 by-poll is echoing across country and asked loyalists whether they would protect sanctity of the vote.
While extending verbal onslaught against July 28 judgment, Nawaz Sharif claimed that even corruption allegation of single penny does not exist against him.
“When nothing was found, the apex court ousted me over not receiving salary from my son”, asserted Sharif.
While apprising goals achieved by PMLN-led federal government, he claimed that they eliminated power cuts in just four years and restored peace in Karachi. He said every constituency across the country would eventually transform into Lodhran (NA-154 victory) in 2018 polls, adding PTI would learn lesson from Lodhran defeat.
He said the nation would give a clear lesson to political opponents, everywhere in the country. He said outcome of NA-154 by-polls was reverberating across the country.
Lauding the performance of PML-N government, Nawaz Sharif said they had eliminated power outages in just four years, rooted out terrorism, besides restoring the peace in Karachi.
He invited federal minister Abdur Rehman Kanju and MNA Pir Iqbal Shah to come to Lahore and held out the assurance that their all demands would be fulfilled.
Earlier Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of Punjab told the meeting that the voters had dismissed the arrogance of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan with which he had claimed prior victory in NA-154 by-polls.
The PML-N leaders were in Lodhran to thank people for voting for the candidate fielded by Pakistan Muslim League-N on NA-154. PML-N workers danced to the beat of drums in celebration of their leader’s arrival.

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