Deceptive TV screen-size

Ammar Muzafar

Last week, while I was exploring the electronics market in Karachi, to purchase a new TV for my house, I received a phone call from my friend. When I told him that I am in Saddar, to buy a new Television, my friend responded; “Be careful about the deceptive screen-sizes brother”. He informed me about the report he had seen recently in a national newspaper. The report warned the public about a malpractice, commonly experienced by the buyers in the LED Televisions market.
This report was issued by a renowned technology company, and it advised the buyers to actually measure the LED screen before purchasing a Television, because many of the generic brands of LED TVs, do not measure up to the claimed screen-sizes.
For example; some TVs claiming to be 40 inches in size, are actually 1 to 2 inches smaller. This deceptive practice is more common in 40 inch, 43 inch, 50 inch and 60 inch LED televisions. So my friend asked me to make sure that I get the accurate size of LED.
Every television buyer should be aware of the correct way to measure the LED screen. They should take an inch-tape and measure the LED TV screen diagonally; from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of the screen.
This will give them the accurate size of the screen. With the timely help from my friend, I was fortunately able to avoid any deception and bought a reliable LED/ Television, with an accurate screen-size, good picture quality and lasting performance. I would thus advise all other buyers to be cautious of such fraudulent practices and get real value-for-money, whenever they purchase a new LED/Television.

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