Dec 16 – A day to remember

December 16 should be a day of immense grief, shame and remorse for millions of Pakistanis. On this day we lost half the country in 1971 and again in 2014 over 150 innocent young students were brutally killed in Peshawar APS by TTP terrorists.
Almost three years have elapsed since massacre of 150 young students at hands of savages belonging to TTP, whom some once called our own people, while grief stricken parents still await justice. Who was responsible for security lapse and what remedial measures have been adopted remains unresolved? The sad bitter reality is that neither Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report (HRC) about 1971 debacle, which recommended moral reform has been officially released, nor recommendations made by it implemented, neither those which report recommended for ‘bringing to book’ for ‘disgrace, and defeat’ been punished.
Allegations by HRC of personal immorality, drunkenness and indulgence in corrupt practices against certain military generals were never investigated although “there is a prima facie evidence to show that their moral degeneration resulted in indecision, cowardice and professional incompetence”. It accuses senior officers of actually trying “to influence political parties by threats, inducements and even bribes to support their designs both for bringing about a particular kind of result during the elections in 1970, and later persuading some of the political parties and elected members of the NA to refuse to attend the session” to be held at Dacca on March 03, 1971.
Instead those that HRC had recommended to be court-martialled were promoted. Lessons can only be learnt from mistakes if those responsible are punished. The moral degeneration that has set in can be gauged from shameful manner in which State has failed to pursue and punish known accused responsible for Baldia Factory massacre in September 2012 where 289 poor labourers were burnt alive.

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